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CrossFit Class

We offer hour long group classes that are coach-led with constant supervision to ensure that each member performs CrossFit movements with good technique. Our qualified coaches provide options to scale workouts for all fitness levels. With your group pursuing similar goals as you, and encouraging you to push yourself through the workouts, it will be the best hour of your day! 

Athlete Development Program

Every member (also referred to as athlete), whether opting for group class or personal training, will go through an assessment and goal setting process with our coaches before beginning their fitness journey. Based on the athlete’s goals, our coaches will create a personalized development program which can be considered as the blueprint of success (at no extra charge).

Personal Training

Whether you have specific fitness requirements, are recovering from an injury, want to compete professionally or for fun, or just want to learn specific movements, we recommend our personal training program. Our coaches create an ‘Athlete Development Program’ according to your goals based on which a custom workout program is created for you. These sessions are typically 1 on 1 but can be 1 on 2 or 1 on 3 if you are a group of individuals with similar requirements/goals who would like to workout together. Contact us for details. 

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