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Battle Of The Fittest 2.0
Movement Standards

Movement standards

1. Wallball Shots
Men throw to 10ft target.
Women throw to 9ft target.
Squat below parallel (hip crease below the top of the knee).
Holding the ball on the bounce is not permitted.
Entire ball must cross the bottom of the target.

2. Power Cleans
Barbell begins on the ground.
Touch and go is permitted.
No bouncing.
Barbell must come up to the shoulders with hips and knees fully extended and elbows in front of the bar.

3. Box Jump Overs
Jump up and step down is permitted.
Jumping over the box without landing on it is permitted.
Rebounding is not permitted.
Step Overs are not permitted.


Movement Standards

1. Power Snatches
Barbell begins on the ground.
Touch and go is permitted.
No bouncing.
Barbell must come up overhead with elbows, hips and knees locked out.

2. Row
Keep hands on the handle until you hit 1000 meters.


Movement Standards

1. Toes to Bar
Movement starts with a full hang, both feet to touch the pull up bar at the same time in-between hands.
Arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom.
Feet must be brought back behind the pull up bar.

2 Sandbag Hug Carry
Sandbag must be held in front of the athlete's chest, with arms wrapped around the side of the Sandbag.
Both feet cross the finish line before dropping the Sandbag.


Movement Standards

1. Deadlift
Conventional deadlift with hands outside the knees.
Sumo deadlift not permitted.
Starting with the barbell on the floor, athlete lifts the bar until hips and knees reach full extension, head and shoulders are behind the bar.
No bouncing.

2. DB Bench Press
Movement starts with DBs over chest, elbows locked out.
Once the DBs are lowered, both dbs to touch athlete's shoulders at the same time.
Full lockout of elbows at the top.
Head, upper back and glutes are in contact with the bench during the movement.
Feet to stay on the ground.

3. Squat Cleans
Touch and go is permitted.
No bouncing or dropping and catching on the rebound.
Athlete must pass through a full squat with the hip crease below the knees.
The rep is credited when the athletes hips and knees are fully extended, bar is resting on the shoulders with elbows in front of the bar.


Men will perform Chest to Bar Pull ups
Women will perform (Chin over the bar) Pull ups

Movement Standards

1. Chest to Bar Pull Ups/Pull Ups
Athlete begins with hang below the bar, arms extended and feet off the ground.
Any style of CTB/Pull up is permitted - Strict, Kip and Butterfly.
In CTB pull up, some part of the chest below the collar bone has to make contact with the pull up bar.
In chin over the bar pull up, chin has to clear the height of the pull up bar.
Wearing hand protection is permitted.

2. Double Unders
The rope must pass under the feet twice for each jump.
The rope must spin forward for the rep to count.
Only successful jumps are counted, not attempts.

3. Burpee Box Get Overs
The movement starts with the athlete facing the box while touching the chest and thighs to the ground, and finishes with the athlete jumping over the box.
Any part of the leg (knee or foot) must make contact with the top of the box during the movement.
Jumping down from the box is permitted.
Full extension at the top of the box is not required.

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